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French Speaking Digital Marketing Agency

Our team of marketing and business experts at CNG Digital Marketing includes French natives. The bilingual advantage is priceless to communicate with francophone entrepreneurs looking to do business in the United States. This also gives your business a definite edge: with years of experience on both continents, we are best equipped to help you build a bridge and grasp an in-depth understanding of your new market.

Based in San Diego, one of the cities on the rise and start up-friendly, with offices in Beverly Hills and San Francisco, CNG Digital offers the best services to start the journey so you can live the American dream.

From Business Idea

Start up guidance

Whether you are exporting a model from Europe or starting from scratch with a new concept, a business plan is the foundation of your company’s future. We provide experience and offer access to valuable resources even before you cross the pond.

  • Business analysis, strengths and weaknesses, market penetration.
  • Business plan: quantifiable and actionable plan of action with step by step implementation.
  • Solid and comprehensive marketing strategy for startups
  • Investors visa with an immigration lawyer dedicated to CNG Digital Marketing.
  • Comprehensive network of resources (investors, banks, insurance, real estate, manufacturers, contractors, and more…).
  • Exclusive partnership with the French Chamber of Commerce in San Diego.

To breaking ground

Expert nurturing

If your business has a foot in Europe and the other in America, you cannot have the same strategy for both. Cultural, economical and psychological differences should be understood. We help you create a brand that keeps it identity and a dual strategy that still answer the needs of your different audiences. CNG Digital Marketing provides Start Ups with:

  • Valuable insight of the market environment in the United States.
  • Support and consulting every step of the way.
  • Strategic planning.
  • Local and global networking.


As a new business owner, you have plenty on your plate. Beyond all legal, financial and practical aspects of launching your Start Up, we provide a comprehensive marketing package so you can focus on what matters.

Bilingual Content

If it is important for your French Start Up or established company to communicate both in English and in French, look no further.
We design bilingual websites and create original content, blogs, social media posts and ads in either or both languages. Our team of content writers is made of French and Americans so content is perfect, every time.
We understand the challenges our clients face when starting a business in a new country. It is essential for French Start Ups to find the right partner from day one. As they say in America “time is of the essence”.