CNG Digital Marketing Yelp reviews
Katherine L.


CNG marketing has taken my business to a whole other level ! Their work is phenomenal and always professional. I refer all my business owner friends to them. I have never had any issues with CNG. They always seem to go above and beyond on generating leads to my business. If you are looking to grow your business fast, then look no further, you found the right team to work with. I’ve been with CNG for over a year. I started using their services last year in December. December is the worst month of the year for my line of business but they made things happen and made sure I was continuing to receive non stop leads during the slow season of my business. I cannot express how happy I am with their services. Don’t waste you time looking for another team to work with. You wont regret your decision !

Katherine L.
Spencer B.


I’ve used CNG for three months so far, and have had a positive experience consistent with the other reviews. Clement is hard working, responsive, and understands that he has to bring value to the table. There were some unexpected hiccups that came up before SEO could start including having to change hosting and an unexpected website redesign, yet CNG’s treatment was reasonable and fair. I used another SEO company years ago, and I have to say that CNG has been a much better in terms of service and their focus on bringing results. Looking forward to observing what CNG can do for my business in the months ahead…

Spencer B.
Rachel L.


I own a boutique investment bank in downtown San Diego and was looking to expand quickly. Found this company online and through the reviews decided to try out their services. Been very satisfied so far – great team, great service, amazing content writers, awesome results.

Rachel L.
Bo B.


It has been two years since my last review and CNG continues to show up professionally and do great work. This is evident in their growing business. People are realizing the business community is changing and evolving and advertising dollars should go in different places than they did in times past. I’ve also been impressed with CNG’s ability to evolve finding things that haven’t worked as well as they expected and then adjusting strategy finding what does. This is a fast paced business environment and I believe if you don’t have a maleable ever evolving company on your side you’re probably slipping behind.

Bo B.
Kevin C.


CNG digital marketing ‘s expertise in SEO, content marketing and social media management helped me really improve my electronics repair business. Before meeting them I had a basic setup, they helped me realign my brand image and brought me up to a turn key level.

I wasn’t sure about using yelp for Marketing company, but after working with CNG I have great faith in what brands yelp brings on now!

*PS if you’re a business in need of a legit marketing firm, go with these guys!

Thanks CNG!!

Kevin C.
Frank K.


Clement has helped me tremendously with such helpful info. I thought i knew a decent amount about online marketing but he quickly made me realize i was an amateur. You know the old saying, “do what you do best and delegate the rest”. Online marketing is not my expertise but thankfully Clement and his company has offered tremendous value.

Frank K.
Sam B.


I have an online company that needed AdWords management and also needed some design help. I was referred to CNG by a friend when I moved to San Diego. I have to say I’m really impressed so far. I like the way they do not charge based on the amount you use AdWords but rather a fake fee so I don’t feel pressured into ramping up my spending. Also my revenue has increased with a lot of new business. They are really friendly and helpful and I’m glad I found them.

Sam B.Phoenix, AZ
Angi S.


After working with a design group to build a new website for our company, and because I know next to nothing  about Google AdWords, and on the recommendation of the design group that built our website, I called CnG. I spoke with Clement about strategies for improving our presence on the internet, and In as little as three months, CnG has increased traffic to our website,and created a blog on our website which is not only  professionally written, but also serves to make our website appear on the first page, or even the top of the page after searches for businesses of our type in the area on the internet. Clement is always available to talk, and the monthly report graphs are easy to understand. I no longer feel that my money to Google AdWords is wasted money. In fact, Google AdWords costs me less, sales are up, our new website is viewed twice as much, so far, as our old website, and searches for our type of business is now limited more to the area where our customers live. I highly recommend working with CnG for all your digital marketing needs.

Angi S.Belmont, CA
Haitham B.


I’ve been working with CNG since October of last year and they have been fantastic. They do my web design, search engine optimization, social media, and manage my adwords. These guys are extremely professional and knowledgeable and when we discuss our performance online they are genuinely invested in our success. Mind you, I do insurance which is an extremely competitive industry online. My wife also uses them for her online marketing and the success is amazing. I highly recommend CNG.

Haitham B.Chula Vista, CA
Clement P.


My brother and partner Thomas met Clement at an entrepreneur event here in San Diego, and we connected quickly since the CEO of CNG digital marketing and I share the same first name!!

I’ve done a lot of marketing over the years, and I was impressed by the level of knowledge they have, they helped us so much in improving out SEO while I thought it was already good. We started to rank 1st for our top keywords.

I can see my company and CNG working together for a long time, professional and friendly. Overall a great experience!

Clement P.La Jolla, CA
Andrew H.


I own a company in the San Diego area. Over a year ago I contacted CNG Digital Marketing. I wanted to enlarge my business. I was not sure about SEO and web design but Clement explained all details and I decided to give it a try. After two months I noticed more and more calls and emails from people searching for my service in San Diego. We are now doing AdWords and Facebook ads to in addition to my SEO. I am really please with CNG services and already gave them five referrals.

Andrew H.San Diego, CA
Aubree H.


Clement has been a client of mine for a little while now.  After talking to him about his profession a few times, I decided to take the plunge on investing in my small business through the means of marketing.  There were some challenges that we were facing due to the fact that my then current website was not all right on the back side.  Any changes they attempted to make just sent the whole thing out of whack, so Giovanni recommended that they build a new one for me.  This was integrate SEO thoroughly and make it more user friends to reduce our bounce rate and increase traffic flow to my business.  I just got my site back, and after a few (natural) revisions, it is just perfect.  It is tasteful and captures my brand well, and most of all, it’s functional.  So far, I have not had the pleasure of meeting Clements other half, Giovanni, but he clearly knows what he is talking about, and I appreciate the side of this job that he is responsible for.  Thanks guys!  Check out my site for reference, huxleysalon.com

Aubree H.San Diego, CA
Amy G.


I cannot recommend  CNG Digital Marketing enough. They are very knowledgeable  with a lot of expertise in web design. Customer service at cng Digital marketing is superior than any company I worked with – They go above and beyond to accommodate the client’s schedule. If you need to put together a great website go with them. Giovanni and Clement  has been able to incorporate all I wanted to my website.I am completely blown away with their knowledge and learn something new every time I speak with them. The SEO optimization they did to my website is outstanding.

Amy G.San Diego, CA
Mehrnaz S.


I’m a Beverly Hills based company, one of my friends recommeded me CNG digital marketing to build my new web site. I have an highend luxuary interior design firm, I needed a company which can meet my high expectations to promote my business in a way to find top new clients.the number of my projects increased instantly since I  started working with them. My business never have been this successfull before I started online marketing and  the best part is they do it in a very reasonable price! I am really happy to work with them!

Mehrnaz S.Long Beach, CA
Mathieu A.


I needed a new, mobile-friendly website for my E Commerce website. I found them on google and decided to give a try. To build my website,  they came up with some very innovative ideas I hadn’t thought about. They paid a great deal of attention to detail. Cng Digital marketing did a really great job. I Am now doing online marketing with them, they know and understand my target customer, their needs, and aesthetic. Giovanni and Clement are local entrepreneurs and are invested personally and professionally in my business’s success.
I have never seen such easy people to work with. They are the most brilliant, talented and the nicest team to work with! We just couldn’t be happier and were so lucky to find them!
They did such a great job that I am now getting another website. I wouldn’t dream of looking for another website company.

Mathieu A.San Diego, CA
Karin K.


I met Clement at a networking event and have known him a while.  Clement is very knowledgable and an expert in the field.  He works hard, is honest, professional and personable.  Clement has helped me promote my business and has helped it grow!  He understands what it takes to promote your business with content writing and social media management.  I would highly recommend him and will continue to look to him for business support. Thank you Clement!

Karin K.San Diego, CA
Taylor G.


Came across CNG on Yelp and due to the great reviews so I decided to give them a shot. They helped me with my website design and my SEO so my business came up quicker and easier through search engines and search internet marketing. They also helped me organize a marketing plan that’s been very affective. With CNG I can now focus more time on my clients while they take a huge load of work off my back in an area they are experts in!

Taylor G.San Diego, CA
Chris W.


Hello all,

I used CNG digital marketing to build a website and devise an online marketing strategy for my  medical practice that operates in Los Angeles area. As a very busy medical practitioner in San Diego, it was reassuring that Clement and his team were highly efficient and made their deadlines. They have ensured the content of my website matches with SEO to put my page on the top of google where I get my customers. They also manage my social media network. Their design team created my logo and professional brochure as well. Emma is an excellent content writer that assisted me in writing the majority of my website so that I could still focus on my practice. This was a HUGE timesaver. Thank you for your help!

Take care,

Chris W.San Diego, CA
J Daniel G.


With CNG I now have a full marketing team. Their digital marketing services have helped drastically improve the time required to manage my business. My business is not only on the map, people that need my services can now find us. With CNG’s digital marketing services, search engine optimization, and social media optimization services, I’ve been able to free up and redirect 50% of my energy and time to focus 100% on my clients! I highly recommend CNG for their services!

J Daniel G.San Diego, CA
James B.


Clement and Giovani were amazing to work with to create my website.  They really listened to my needs and worked within my budget.  I found them on Yelp and decided to give them a chance.  They absolutely delivered on what they promised and more.  My business grew 20% in the first month! I had no idea all the business I was missing out on.  It’s really unbelievable–I’m still pinching myself!  Trust me hire these guys, they are the best!

James B.Vista, CA
Joseph G.


Adding CNG to our scheme of marketing has taken a load off of my back! I was stressed out over social media, advertising and managing my website for San Diego Cryotherapy! But Clement came in with expertise and his team was able to grab the bull by the horns and make the transition very smooth and affordable. His team has brought traffic to our websites and followers to our social media. It is never easy to pick a digital marketing company and SEO company but you can trust CNG to handle your every business need. Most companies out there are wolves in sheep clothing or just plain lazy when it comes to taking care of their clients but rest assured that CNG Digital Marketing is Far from either of these. They are trustworthy, hardworking and friendly. You will start to see things change with in the first few weeks. For me it wasn’t easy at first but as time continues to pass I am more and more comfortable knowing that Clement and Gio are handling the behind the scenes Networking my business needs. Don’t wait to call these guys and set up an appointment to review and discuss your options for SEO SIO Web Optimization, Article writing and all your online business needs that frankly (in all honesty) not many of us have the time to manage! I have dealt with many other companies in the past that say they do these things and the results just aren’t there but with CNG they are and they bring the proof to the table with Charting and Graphing and all the other analitics most other business’ fail to provide! If you are looking for help with Marketing Advertising or web design these are the Guys that will treat you right and get you what you pay for!

Joseph G.San Diego, CA
Steven L.


I own a tax and accounting service in San Diego and have been trying a variety of marketing services over the years.  In the past few years, my website has grown and I get a number of leads annually from my site.  I met Clement at a networking meeting and hired him and his firm CNG Digital Marketing to do some SEO for me to ramp up the results.

I showed him what I was spending in other areas to help establish a budget.  His services started with doing the SEO for the website, content writing for articles posted to Holonis and to social media, along with tracking metrics.  As expected, Rome wasn’t built in a day.  Each month since August we have seen more visits to our site along with people staying on our site longer.  We also were getting sporadic calls in the prior months.

This past 3 weeks we have seen a large increase in phone calls with year end tax planning questions for the upcoming tax season.  I am very happy seeing these results with most of those calls looking for ongoing services for the upcoming year.

I find them very responsive and easy to work with.

Steven L.Chula Vista, CA
Beach E.


CnG Digital Marketing has been a really great investment for our business. We work in a highly competitive internet field and business that came from internet searches was basically non-existent until we hired CnG Digital Marketing. Clement and Giovanni we so patient with us – really taking the time to explain what we were signing up for and how it would work. We were skeptical of this new way of marketing, but decided to give it a try. Within our first two weeks of hiring CnG we have gotten more calls from the internet then we did ALL LAST YEAR! Thank you so much CnG Digital Marketing, we are looking forward to a fantastic year in 2016!

Beach E.San Diego, CA
Seth B.


I have known Clement and his partner for over a year and have consulted with them on projects and marketing for my real estate business. What I enjoy so much about their company is that their strategies are fresh, thoughtful and powerful. We are constantly being pitched by marketing companies who have ideas about marketing that are more about advertising and less about building a relationship with your consumer. We are a relationship business and so our approach is to grow our real and authentic message and connection with our clients. Clement and his partner have always understood that and have helped us do just that. It is so refreshing to work with someone who understands where marketing is heading and how important content and message is nowadays. I feel very fortunate to have worked with Clement over the past year and I highly recommend him if you are considering their company as well!! Message me with questions and I would be happy to share! Cheers – Seth

Seth B.San Diego, CA
Gerardo C.


CnG Digital Marketing is hands down the best agency in the San Diego/Tijuana area!! These guys (Giovanni and Clement) are legit about what they do and  how they do it. They know how to apply their knowledge and expertise to find the best way to help your business through many online mediums. I definitely recommend going with them no matter what type of business you have and what type of market you are aiming at. These guys know how to reach it!!!

Gerardo C.San Diego, CA
Madison M.


There are few companies I would trust to run my online presence effectively. C&G is one.  They are reliable, efficient, and familiar with every growth hacking technique online today.  As a Holonis approved partner, C&G Digital Marketing goes above and beyond to make sure your business is fully utilizing the advantages of a strong online presence. Your only decision should be when to call and when to start benefitting from a good return on your online presence.

Madison M.San Clemente, CA
Natasha O.


To start out, I don’t leave yelp reviews unless the service provided is exceptional, or to warn people! When I saw the prices, and that clement and Giovanni were running a relatively new company, I was skeptical. I run a small photography business and have a hard time getting my photos out there, but was talked into trying out c&g digital marketing after being recommended by a friend. After years of just posting through Facebook and Instagram, I decided to give  digital marketing a try and I was so pleasantly surprised I had to leave a review. These guys are great! They’re so attentive, professional and really have made a difference in my business. Thanks to clement and Giovanni my business is flourishing like never before!

Natasha O.Waikiki, Honolulu, HI
Takin B.


One of my friends referred me to work with C&G Digital marketing. He told me they provided exceptional digital marketing services at a price that doesn’t break the bank. I have to admit i ve been working with them for 3 months for my business and It’s been a great partnership. Their services have given my business  growth a nice boost and we are very pleased with the amount of online exposure we are getting. They are also very response to my business needs and questions. It may sound hard to believe but  sometimes they answer my inquires in less than 5 minutes even over the weekend. I recommend this company to anyone who want to develop their business without risking a lot of money.

Takin B.San Diego, CA
Vincenzo B.


Amazing work from these web and marketing geniuses! they built an incredible website and a powerful marketing campaign that took our business to the next level. Strongly recommend…they are driven and helpful!

Vincenzo B.San Diego, CA
Irma M.


At first I was skeptical yet I was referred to this company by a good friend. My business’s has never been better due to the great marketing. They really take the time to explain to you the logistics of the work and it is well worth the cost!

Irma M.Chula Vista, CA
Meghan R.


I met one of the owners of CNG Digital Marketing at the University Club.  I was just in the process of launching my apparel company and I learned about their services.  I contacted Giovanni to set up a follow up meeting to see how they could help me grow.  I am really impressed so far with how they have helped me thus far in terms of helping me build my website and gain traffic.  Within the first month, my internet sales grew and I am very happy that I met them.  Their approach with customer service is A++, even on a Sunday evening when I have a question, they have no problem returning a text or a phone call. I would recommend them to anyone either starting a business or looking to grow!

Meghan R.San Diego, CA
Christine C.


C&G is great. I come from a marketing background, so I appreciate the work that they are doing. They are professional and also prompt in their responses..they really care about helping businesses of all sizes succeed.

Christine C.San Diego, CA
Thib P.


I met with one of the owner of CnG Digital marketing at a networking in Los Angeles after trying several digital agencies for my company which never worked. I knew a good company could improve my business. However there are so many out there but only a few actually know what they are doing. After discussing with them, I quickly realized how professional and affordable they were. I knew they would make my business grow and they did! It’s been about 6 months now and my company never did so well! Giovanni and Clement are so passionate about their profession that it makes you feel really confident about them. I already recommended this company to 5 of my friends and will continue to do so!

Thib P.Anaheim, CA
Enrique V.


I contacted CnG Marketing about helping me with my automotive business because I wasn’t generating as much clientele through my own Facebook page or social media outlets, non the less Clement was able to give me strategies as well as use his expertise in the marketing world to help promote my business and generate more revenue. I would highly recommended anyone who’s looking to help promote their business or simply needs advice to go with them! they are great at what they do and they truly made me feel like they cared about growing my business and market.

Enrique V.San Diego, CA
Sarah F.


I found CnG Digital Marketing online. After calling them they were really nice and had great service. I have a blog and needed to increase activity on it. They told me exactly what to do to. They gave me advice on my instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. I have to say CnG digital marketing is amazing. They are always here when you call them. I am really happy with them. The number of followers I got on my Instagram has been increasing DAILY and my blog is becoming very popular.  I would recommend CnG Digital Marketing to everyone!

Sarah F.Sacramento, CA
Sarah S.


I’ve spoken to and used many different SEO companies and hands down these guys are the best. I met with both of them because I recently discovered after spending lots of money that there’s SEO you can do that pays off right away and SEO that you pay  for many months and hopefully it will pay off. Well these guys do an in depth analysis to figure out how they can capture exactly the audience your business needs to capture and how to do it the fastest and most efficient way. I wish I had used these guys all along because it would have not only saved me money but also got me a lot more business. I don’t trust a lot of SEO people but these guys I trust and so far everything they promised- they have delivered!!

Sarah S.San Diego, CA
Laura M.


I have been through 4 different “experts” who each managed to convince me they could drive business to me by using my existing social media channels and website to attract qualified customers and each time it turned into a disappointing and costly experience. As a consequence I have to admit I simply gave up. Well that wasn’t working for me either. I am a divorce mediator in San Diego and so my marketing has to compete with law firms with much bigger budgets.

I met Clement Conner one of the Owners and founders of CnG Digital Marketing at a BNI training. Trusting BNI and knowing that you can’t get into a BNI Chapter without being thoroughly vetted, I decided to give Clement and Giovanni an opportunity to create a digital marketing plan for me and see how they would execute on their commitments. I went in a skeptic. What a relief! I’m in reputable, capable hands.

They took the time to ensure they understood who my ideal clients are, studied how to best target them in a cost efficient manner and tracked and monitored their results for me. They’ve stayed in contact with me weekly, sharing their tracking and have been fully transparent. They have shown an ability to tease out the best results by testing key words and they scrupulously  track results so I can be confident they are spending my adverting budget as though it were their own. I wish I had known about them even earlier as I know they would have done an even better job with my website than I have now.

I know they can never guarantee this kind of instant result, and they didn’t, but I am pleased to say that my set up costs were covered by the marketing they did for me in the first 10 days! This is the first marketing team who has worked for me that I can confidently recommend.

Laura M.Carlsbad, CA
Gabriel P.


These guys are like magicians. They took over all internet promotion for my real estate business, and I’m already ranking on the first page of Google for several search terms, and have been getting tons of traffic to my website from both Facebook and LinkedIn. Now I can focus on what I do best. Close deals.

Gabriel P.San Diego, CA