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Why French StartUps Should Invest in San Diego

Allez allez!

San Diego is known for many things – good weather, craft beer, fish tacos…but more and more businesses, including French startups, are flocking to America’s Finest City for reasons other than the business-casual wardrobes of Southern California. Say goodbye to rainy days, dry cleaning suits, and metropolitan lifestyles. Say hello to beaches, board shorts, and beers at lunchtime.


Move over San Francisco – San Diego could be the next tech hub.

San Diego has all the makings of a successful business environment. Talent, resources, location, and lifestyle. With a population of 1.3 million, access to bigwigs can be startlingly easy. Active community participation and involvement can lead to rubbing elbows with the UC Chancellor or prominent CEOs or council members. San Diego’s proximity to the border and its resources is another huge reason French startups should invest in San Diego. Tijuana is home to a number of world-class manufacturing facilities – and the ability to research, develop, and build locally is something nearly unheard of in today’s global economy.

It’s home to an incrediblydynamic business market.

With its foundational beginnings as a military hub, San Diego’s innovation economy grew as a result of the Cold War and the need to diversify its economy and build a workforce and research facilities that would keep it competitive. Development has always been at the forefront of San Diego’s city plan especially considering the rezoning of business districts that enabled research magnates, like Qualcomm and the Jonas Salk Institute, to establish themselves early on. While the creation of UC San Diego, which graduates more engineers per year than UC Berkeley and Stanford combined, and San Diego State University provided the city’s workforce with more access and opportunities within key pivotal education and research institutions (think: Scripps Institution of Oceanography). French startups should invest in San Diego because the workforce and talent pool are among the highest class of science and engineering professionals in the country – a literal gold mine.


It’s startup friendly.

French startups should invest in San Diego before others catch wind of its growing role in providing funding and support for local startups and business. America’s Finest City is rooted in diversity and development – the perfect recipe for startup success. Making it big in California, is the business equivalent to making it onto the big screen. Not to mention, the Obama administration’s creation of ‘startup visas’ also proves helpful in encouraging foreign business growth and international entrepreneurship.

…Did we mention the weather?

San Diego’s weather is unbeatable – but it’s warm, waterfront location also brings more opportunities for improvement. The city’s Climate Action Committee has presented a plan to reduce carbon emissions by half over the next few decades, and be a 100% renewable energy-powered city by 2035. This means, the city will continue to focus heavily on encouraging the growth of technology, research, and development. French startups should invest in San Diego because investing in San Diego also means investing in a greener, cleaner, and smarter future.

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