Online Marketing 101: Why SEO Maintenance is Important
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seo maintenance

Online Marketing 101: Why SEO Maintenance is Important

Importance of SEO Maintenance


Many people think that once they get their website created and perfectly tuned up for SEO that they are good to go. While that is the majority of the work, the truth is that SEO is not something you do once, but rather requires you to keep up with it over time. Otherwise, you might find yourself slipping in the rankings. Here are some of the top reasons you need to ensure you have a weekly/monthly SEO maintenance plan.


1) Changing Search Engine Algorithms

For a variety of reasons, search engines frequently update their algorithms. When they do, this can drastically change what shows up in keyword search results. One example is the Google Panda update from 2011 which shuffled the deck or the Google Hawk update, which stopped filtering out businesses in close proximity. We all know that if you are not in the top three or four results for a keyword then you are basically invisible!


2) Search Engines Often  Change their SERP

The SERP is the search engine results page which is the basically the main page when you type in something. It means that you also have to contend with things like videos, images, news, and other items that may rate highly for particular keywords. Without maintenance, a video that went viral for totally different reasons may displace you and push you down to where you are essentially invisible to your customers.


3) You Have Competitors

No matter how unique your idea is, you will have competitors in a similar industry who will try to outrank you no matter where you are or what you sell. It is only natural that your competitors will want to rank highly themselves and for this reason will apply a number of tested strategies to do just this. If they have a significant quantity of quality content and have solid backlinks then your page will be left in the dust.


4) You Need to See What’s Working and What Isn’t

These days, it’s easier than ever to know what content is working on your site and what doesn’t. Most platforms like Squarespace have built-in analytics software, plus you have Google Analytics among many other tools. From here you can see what content is popular, what content is ignored as well as important factors such as your conversion rate. Paying attention to these things will help you focus more on what works to better calibrate your online platform.  


It Takes Some Time and Effort

Doing proper SEO maintenance takes time, effort, and a dash of expertise. You really need to put in the work if you want your site to rank highly. For this reason, it can be helpful to hire a digital marketing agency so you can get back to focusing on the core of your business, while they focus on expanding your business.


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