Depisteo: Increases Average Conversion Rate to 90%

About Depisteo

Depisteo is a medical device manufacturer that works on developing technologies such as vision screeners and spirometers. The company is based in France but recently expanded to the American market.

The Challenge

As a new competitor in the US market, Depisteo had no brand credibility. Their website was built and launched as a brand new site. Moreover, there were other competitors with established reputations making it difficult for Depisteo to have reliable clients.

For their PPC campaigns, We had to ensure they maintained properly targeted campaigns to attract the appropriate consumer. This was made especially complex by the fact that they had a low marketing budget compared to other businesses.

The Goal

The primary goal for Depisteo was creating a viable amount of traffic to the site. With increased traffic, the brand would develop better credibility and more leads. As a team, we combined different digital marketing, SEO, and content strategies to effectively carry out different strategies and attain profitable results.

The Strategy

Different components came together to develop a practical PPC campaign strategy. This strategy included using targeted keywords and using competitors branding keywords.

Using High Volume Targeted Keywords First Developed by SEO

Through this strategy, our team first identified the areas of traffic growth potential for the business. Once we identified these growth areas, we launched PPC campaigns using SEO keywords that were already mentioned in the website’s content. These SEO keywords were already high ranking which easily translated over with our PPC campaigns and in turn generated more traffic.

Targeting Competitors Branding Keywords

This strategy involved using keywords from competitors who already had a built-up presence online. For this specific campaign, we used the competitor Titmus, who sells vision screeners and other similar medical devices. Titmus keywords were then placed carefully throughout Depisteo’s PPC campaigns.

Optimize Landing Pages

We wanted to create a better user experience for our users, which involved optimizing landing pages to the greatest extent. Optimizing the landing pages would allow us to convert more leads down the road and increase the click-through-rate. In this case, a high CTR would help push our client’s ad rank and quality score, putting us at the top of Google’s search results.

Develop Highly Targeted Ads

With this strategy, we ensured our ads were targeted to capture Despisteo’s ideal market. Our ad copy was developed to stand out for the target audience due to its relevance. The right ad content would eventually lead to more clicks and higher ad position.

The Results

Through these strategies, we increased the success of our campaigns and achieved our main goal, which was too increase overall traffic to the company website. Depisteo went from being virtually unknown to a well-known brand.

  • Increased the average conversion to 90%
  • $72,130 in revenue generated from conversions
  • A higher visibility rate
  • Greater brand awareness
  • Higher Paid Traffic Results