Hemp Labs of America

Hemp Labs: SEO Generates 250% Increase In Qualified Leads


Hemp Labs is a cannabidiol (CBD) manufacturer based in La Jolla, California. Their CBD is of the highest grade and quality, using locally sourced products.



The CBD industry has seen a flood of interest in recent years from some of the largest manufacturers in the world. We wanted to establish a unique presence for Hemp Labs as a B2B player using organic optimization and paid search strategies.



The main goals for Hemp Labs were to develop a web presence from scratch, establish a B2B reputation and implement Digital Marketing strategies within a regulated niche.



Increase Backlinks With Offsite SEO

Through this strategy, we first identified the niche market and curated content that would be applicable to that market. In doing so, we increased traffic and reached the intended audience leading to an 1100% increase in backlinks and a stronger domain authority overall.

Increase Domain and Page Authority Through Link Building

Having a higher domain and page authority allows you to rank better amongst competitors and increase your search result frequency. Domain authority increased by 600% ultimately improving Hemp Lab’s visibility in search results leading to better rankings amongst competitors.

Optimize PPC and Landing Pages for Niche Market

The SEO team created ad campaigns to be shown on search networks that specifically targetted the best leads in order to ensure conversions. This strategy included daily optimization of ads through continuous keyword research on the target demographic. These keywords were then placed throughout PPC campaigns to optimize results and decrease the bounce rate from 37.5% to 0.18%.



Baseline (June 26th, 2018) Current Status (March 1st, 2019)
DA 1 DA 6
PA 0 PA 9
Backlinks 0 Backlinks 11
Organic Traffic 1/month Organic Traffic 1,017/month
New Users 8/month New Users 1634/month
Bounce Rate 37.5% Bounce Rate <1%
Conversion Rate 0% Conversion Rate 7.88%
Goals Completed 0/month Goals Completed 197/month

Important KPIs

  • New Users search an average of 6.21 pages/session
  • Average time spent on site is 2.3 minutes
  • A conversion rate of 7.88% for new users.
  • Average goal completions: 197/month



  • Domain Authority increased by 600%
  • Page Authority increased by 900%
  • The number of backlinks increased by 1100%
  • Bounce rate decreased from 37.5% to less than 1%
  • Average conversions increased from 0 per month to an average of 197 per month making Hemp Labs average 6.6 leads per day
  • Visibility was increased from offsite outreach
  • Optimization led to longer retention on the website as well as an influx of consistent growth in traffic