San Diego Prestige

San Diego Prestige: A Successful Rebrand and Business Reformation

About Client:

San Diego Prestige is an exotic car and yacht rental company based out of San Diego, CA. Their fleet includes the biggest brands in the industry, namely Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porshe, Bentley, and more! We began with this client in November of 2018, meaning we compiled the first full month of data in December of 2018.   


Project Challenges:

The car rental industry has been dominated by corporate giants for many, many years such as Hertz and Enterprise. And like many other industries associated with travel (i.e. hotels, airlines), in the car rental industry, many people often stick to the companies they already know rather than researching new ones. That said, San Diego Prestige faced the challenge of disrupting the existing relationships between customers and established rental car companies.

Furthermore, San Diego Prestige had just come under new ownership from a previous owner who had a negative reputation locally, so we needed to change the minds of people who had previously had a bad experience with the client.  




Successfully rebrand San Diego Prestige and make them a viable competitor in the car rental industry against the reign of corporate giants.


Strategy and Implementation:


1. Redesign the client’s website to reflect their high-quality vehicles and exceptional customer service.

  • High-quality images of the rental vehicle inventory and lifestyle images were incorporated for branding purposes. 
  • Optimized site content to include targeted keywords and linguistically engage with target users.  
  • Functionality and back-end files were improved to make the site more intuitive and streamline the conversion process. 


2. Implement a custom stack of marketing campaigns.

  • Began by implementing a PPC campaign with Google Ads.
  • Launched a content marketing campaign with on-site blogs, guest blogs, and a press release.


3. Monitor site traffic and conversions through SEO metrics and Analytics. 

  • Performed conversion rate optimization based on a heat map analysis of how the site’s users were interacting with it. 
  • Monitored the site’s KPIs to reveal site performance and opportunities for growth. 



Six months into our marketing efforts, the results speak for themselves. 


Organic users per month grew by 55% and on track to break 2,000 in June. 


Four out of the five targeted keywords are positioned in the top five results in Google, the fifth being in the five-to-ten range.

The graphic below shows the organic search results for our primary keyword “exotic car rental San Diego”. 


Total conversions grew at an average rate of 12.5% per month.


After performing conversion rate optimization, maintained a 7.22% average conversion rate over the 6-month period.


PPC campaigns maintained an average Click-Through-Rate (CTR) of 15.32%