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Google Adwords

Our Google Adwords management services are results-driven, targeting the exact keywords that will drive buyers to your site.


Don’t think buyers are using Bing for their search queries? Think again -- the PPC specialists at CNG Digital Marketing are ready to help you with every aspect of your Bing Ads Management.


Make a splash with new customers with a Google certified partner that specializes in captivating, persuading display advertising that brings qualified traffic back to your site.


Keep bounced traffic coming back to your website with strategically placed retargeting ads that keep past visitors top of mind with your business.

Facebook Ads

Leverage the power of Facebook with a budget-friendly strategically that drives engagement, curiosity and interest, and results.

YouTube Ads

We are YouTube advertising experts with a passion for leveraging the world’s second-leading search engine platform to unlock a market of unbelievable potential.

Twitter Ads

A successful Twitter advertising campaign doesn't just maximize your social reach around trending discussion but connects you with like-minded customers ready to learn about your business.

Google Shopping

Different than text ads, our Shopping campaigns and Google shopping ads help promote your products via visual stimulation and persuasive ads copy that compels purchasing behavior.

Our Paid Search Management Process

As your PPC marketing agency, we manage your Google AdWords account by focusing on the keywords that drive interested visitors to your site. We determine the most cost-effective, ROI-focused approach to acquiring leads who are looking for exactly what you’re offering. Through the industry’s leading research PPC/SEO tools and in-depth data analytics, we build effective paid search campaigns that match your target cost per lead.

An in-depth strategic analysis of current and potential competitors will help us expand upon your competitive advantage. We take a reverse engineering approach, looking into what’s working for competitors, their bids, and spending behavior.

This lays the foundation for our strategy towards building a results-driven campaign — evaluating the keywords, ranking competition, opportunity, and cost that will provide the highest ROI.

We develop the ads copy, landing page templates, campaigns, and setting configurations via research, creativity, and execution — with multiple ad variations and modification strategies in place to achieve the highest ROI and conversions possible. Our full in-house design team is here to point you in the right direction.

We create multiple conversion actions in your Google Ads account to specify the exact customer activity after a someone interacts with the ad.

Every month, we provide an in-depth, detailed report to explain precisely what was done and how we will approach the coming month.

We Create, They Click, You Conquer

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Where Other Paid Search Agencies Fail

While Paid search advertising can provide business-transforming results, it is also a great way to throw away your marketing budget. Over time, we at CNG Digital focus on where others have failed and struggle to overcome paid search advertising.

1. Competition

Naturally, the closer a lead is to a conversion, the more expensive is to market towards them. Competition is incredibly fierce around keywords where potential customers are closer to a purchasing decision. This simple yet difficult reality is why so many strategies don’t pay off in the end.

2. Spending

Well done right, PPC search advertising is effective, but it can also take a toll on monthly marketing budgets. Unlike organic forms of marketing, PPC charges you for every click, which means cost-per-lead can quickly add up. For larger companies, this understanding may not be too significant. However, a smaller business just can’t afford to waste dollars — and many times lack of sales from PPC leads to a short-lived campaign.

3. Difficulty

Sure, setting up your campaign may not be too complicated, but making money is no easy endeavor. There is a complex science to a campaign that is truly profitable and identifying the right keywords and targeting that lead to sales is complicated. The expertise involved in a money-generating PPC campaign takes a broad-level skillset and deep-dive understanding regarding the type of ads that lead to results.

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They did such a great job that I am now getting another website. I wouldn’t dream of looking for another website company.

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I just got my site back, & after a few (natural) revisions, it is just perfect. It is tasteful & captures my brand well & most of all it’s functional.


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