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Videography for Digital Marketing

More than just breathtaking shots, we film with marketing potential in mind

Expert Videography Built for Marketing

There’s no better way to promote your next event than with footage of previous successful events. Our team will capture the emotions and thrills that make your event one of a kind and turn it into a piece that you can relive time and time again.

Time and time again, educational videos have proven to be effective at increasing conversions and session durations. These videos focus on a hot topic or facet of your industry and give a professional explanation to the user. Also known as “How to” videos.

Digital shorts are videos with a short duration and are used to prove or suggest straightforward statements or messages. These are especially effective for social media content or advertisements, as people can quickly learn something that can encourage them to convert.

Commercials can benefit any business or service that wants to give a full introduction of themselves to a potential client or customer. Rather than a digital short that focus on a single message or idea, commercials can present many topics that are related to your industry or business.

Great content without an audience won’t move your bottom line. Our Video SEO services can put your video in front of potential customers.

Stand Out Amid the Crowd!

Benefits of Video SEO

Establish Your Brand

Make your business known and trusted by connecting with customers in one of the internet's most popular formats

Stand Out Against Your Competitors

In most industries, businesses have fallen behind in the creation of video content. Stand out with high-quality professional work

Make It Personal

Give your brand a human presence to build trust and reputability in your industry

Enhance Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Integrating video with your content marketing strategy or website can accelerate your online visibility. Let us show you how!

FAA Drone Pilot Certified

Expansive overhead shots can add give your customers a birds-eye-view of your offers

4K Capabilities

We work with the highest quality cameras, equipment, and software to deliver your brand's message with stunning clarity

Our Team is Ready for Anything

From high-speed supercar chase shots to crawlspace renovation, our team has years of experience filming any situation you can dream of.

Skilled Editing

Post production pros, CNG is ready to deliver a finished cut ready for viewing and sharing.

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Video Portfolio: Some of Our Recent Work

Video Coverage: Drive Club Event

Weave A Visual Narrative

Directing coverage of 20+ vehicles and participants over a day-long event takes awareness and a knack for multitasking. This project required moving shots that capture supercars in their element and working with radio communications between the press car, navigators, & the camera team. The end result speaks for itself, a candid but lively look into the event.

Educational Content: Local Service Video

Informed Customers Will Save Your Sales team Time and Money

This shoot started before work boots were laced or lens caps removed. Learning the client’s pain points and bringing scripted talking points we were able to create chronological coverage of the installation process while making it easy for the turf experts to speak on camera. You only need to be an expert in your industry, we’ll make the rest of the process a breeze.

Capture Your Vibe: Restaurant Chain Shares Its Atmosphere

Attract New Business By Highlighting Your Establishment Online

This video project required working directly with the owners, staff, and chefs to accurately capture the aesthetic and spirit of their brand. The end result is a showcase as visually appealing as the sushi is delicious. Too many videos and commercials miss the mark and don’t capture the charm of the business they depict. You can trust CNG to get it right.

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