Paid Search Marketing: going, going, gone!

Search advertising is the tactic by which you appear on web pages (most commonly SERPs) by placing ads linked to specific query keywords. Executed properly, Sponsored Search Advertisement has the potential to deliver highly qualified traffic to your site, provided your offer is relevant to the search.

From goal setting to budget strategy, as a PPC agency, CNG Digital crafts, executes and monitors your campaigns on Google AdWords, Yahoo!Advertising! Or Microsoft adCenter. Among other tasks, we manage:

  • Keywords selection (including negative keywords)
  • Keyword groups optimization
  • Establishment of min and max bid
  • Creation of target groups based on behavior
  • Creation of attractive ads with strong CTA
  • Daily monitoring and testing
  • Performance analysis of key metrics
Once a search ad campaign is launched, a lot can happen. Generating a lot of clicks (high Click thru Rate) is not synonymous with effective ads. The true goal is the conversion of that visit into the action that you called for. To keep the bounce rate as low as possible, you need to make sure the content of your landing pages is relevant to the user’s first intention.
Paid search marketing is not about increasing your visibility, but rather about generating qualified, high converting traffic. A PPC agency shall not convince you otherwise (we shan’t).
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Gently remind your visitors they were interested

Out of sight, out of mind is never truer than on the internet. With a staggering volume of options to choose from, users have no reason to keep to a linear path and not stray, take their time, explore other avenues and compare the offers out there.

Retargeting advertising is your key to keep piquing the interest of former visitors until they come back for good.

There are different types of retargeting, depending on the audience, the position in the sale funnel and your offer. The most commonly used is pixel-based (the cookie approach), the other is list based (re-engaging with contacts that already belong to your database).
Whichever type is best for your goals, a PPC agency is your key to creating an effective remarketing strategy. Keeping awareness alive and improving the chances of conversion requires:

  • To know who needs to be retargeted
  • To clarify the goal (buy, subscribe, review, download…)
  • To segment targets by interest, demographics, behaviors
  • To establish a budget
  • To create a convincing ad and track its progress

At CNG Digital Marketing, we help you determine the user groups that are worth retargeting and which platforms are best suited. Whether it’s product specific, brand awareness or cart abandonment recovery, our objective is to attract, engage and convert.

Need a PPC agency?

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A PPC agency speaks social!

An interesting approach to Pay per Click is through Social Advertising. Social media are powerful platforms to gain visibility and they offer more flexibility than classic paid search advertising or retargeting. Once you have established your buyers personas, ads on Facebook, Instagram or sponsored tweets allow you to precisely locate your audience based on demographics, location, interests, groups and the like.
Using Social Advertising to your advantage only means you are a step ahead of the generic message your competitors keep offering. If they are already leveraging the power of social, it is urgent you join in and do it better. As a PPC agency, we understand each platform and the users’ behavior. That is exactly why we can craft a message specific to each market you need to target in a much more effective way than a vague offer that hopes to hit the mark here and there.
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