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An SEO company is a digital puppet master

In the digital world, search engines rule: the algorithms determine if your business is worthy of the first page by parsing your web content. For your business to have a chance, you need to optimize each and every page.

Your site may be beautiful and you may have spent hours crafting the content; short of manipulating it to match engines rules, it’s all for naught.

SEO company focus

  • Hyper relevant and unique content
  • URL structure.
  • Title tags
  • Keyworsd research and density
  • Cross links
  • User friendly navigation
  • Meta titles and descriptions
  • Google authorship verification
Off page SEO services - CNG Digital Marketing

Optimize, analyze, adjust, analyze, optimize again

On page SEO is an ever evolving discipline. If you think your content was created according to the principles and be done, think again. The puppets (search engines ) are not easy to tame and trick us with their updates. The users trick us with their change of behavior and query habits. In that regard, with on page SEO, there is always room for better.
Performance is constantly under scrutiny and content altered accordingly.
CNG Digital Marketing is an SEO company with a team that is always on deck so our clients get to the top. Then, we do the puppeting so they stay there.


What happens off page…

On Page SEO is all fine, dandy, and necessary. But the work doesn’t end there. Off Page SEO is equally important to get your name out there. To an SEO company, the objective of Off Page SEO is the same as On Site: get the search engines to pick your pages among millions and give you the coveted position on the top SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). The difference is the job is done outside of your comfort zone.
Off page SEO is about building your reputation through social media postings, social media bookmarking, natural link building, blogging, directory submission and about a dozen more ways you don’t think of. CNG Digital Marketing does all that, but with a purpose. Establishing an SEO strategy is critical to your success. Both On Page and Off Page SEO need to make sense as a whole optimization technique.


Is content king? It rules, anyway

It is all about content. SEO? Content. Branding? Content. Your business – product or service – is nothing (it’s great, but) without content. Content is a strategic tool that can help you in many ways. Crafted in the proper fashion (respecting both the industry’s best practices and, more importantly, matching your target personas), it gives information. It educates. It entertains. It encourages to take action to your benefit. The efficiency of Web pages (yes, that is SEO-proofed content), articles, e-books, infographics, videos, social media posts, recipes, white papers … depends on the quality of your content.

The possibilities with professionally crafted content are endless. You provide solutions. You prompt questions (and provide solutions). You trigger interest (and provide solutions). You generate traffic of users who always want more. SEO company CNG Digital Marketing prides itself on having a team of content writers that can execute in all fields without missing a beat. Ultimately, content development is not about making your business great. It’s about making it relevant to your audience.

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Local SEO Marketing puts you on the right map

SEO is not just about keywords and social media, especially if your business depends heavily on local clients. That is, if you want to target a specific audience, based on location. So your website is in good shape, your SEO is tip-top. Why would you need a local SEO company?
Of 100 billion searches keyed per month on Google only, 4 billions are local in nature and 50% of queries on mobile devices have local intent. In order to get traffic to your business from those queries, an SEO company ensures you rank at the local level mainly by paying attention to many details: claim your page on Google My Business, Bing and Yahoo; submit to local directories; display accurate information across all listings, make sure you are listed in the correct category; generate reviews; remove duplicates; check and obtain citations… Local search marketing is time consuming and you have better fish to fry (namely, run a business). CNG Digital Marketing does all the legwork for you, as an integral part of your SEO campaigns so users can find you and locate you.