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CNG Digital Marketing is a website design San Diego firm set to conquer the world on your behalf. With the WordPress Web Design platform, we create and optimize beautifully responsive eye-catching websites that are easy to use.
Our focused website design San Diego services take full advantage of the robust and engaging WordPress community to bring your business to the next level. Your company’s exposure is exponentially increased through this widely-used social media channel and users are more likely to come across your content when searching for relevant topics. It’s even easier to be more social with cross-platform communication, immediate sharing capabilities, and mobile-ready responsiveness.

Added components like improved security, multi-user capability, and reduced loss of work also make WordPress a more appealing web design platform. Their streamlined code is also the perfect medium for indexing and growing your SEO potential. Step up your San Diego website design game!

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With skyrocketing rent prices in most cities, website design focus and e-Commerce are imperative to your company’s success. With e-Commerce trending to outpace overall brick-and-mortar growth, your business will surely benefit from an online retail store. Hosting an online store has a number of logistical and fiscal advantages over the physical storefront. All your customers need to view and purchase your products is a valid internet connection and a credit card. Customers are guaranteed 24-hour unlimited access to your offer – no need to hire sales staff or pay to rent a storefront. Your customers can easily shop around, compare prices, and base their purchases off of other customers’ ratings and reviews.
We at CNG Digital Marketing know how important it is to be mobile-friendly. The trending shift towards mobile shopping allow us to focus on optimized website design and streamlined checkout processes. We emphasize the benefits of frictionless transactions in dropping conversion sales times. We also recognize the fact that we may also be able to supplement your sunny storefront location with equally stunning San Diego website design. Customers still want to touch and hold their products before fully committing to a purchase and we are constantly seeking newer retail experiences and technologies to drive your business’ commercial growth and success.

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French Start-Up Marketing Agency

French Speaking Digital Agency

Our team of marketing and business experts at CNG Digital Marketing includes French natives. The bilingual advantage is priceless to communicate with French entrepreneurs looking to do business in the United States.

Create a Business Plan

Whether you are exporting a model from Europe or starting from scratch with a new concept, a business plan is the foundation of your company’s future. We provide experience, knowledge and insights to help you design a viable plan, and bring light to the market differences, clients’ behaviors and how to best meet their needs.

Establish Dual Strategies

If your business has a foot in Europe and the other in America, you cannot have the same strategy for both. Cultural, economical and psychological differences should be understood. We help you create a brand that keeps it identity and a dual strategy that still answer the needs of your different audiences. We know business on both sides of the Atlantic.

Bilingual Content

If it is important for your French Start-up or established company to communicate both in English and in French, look no further. We design bilingual websites and create original content, blogs, social media posts and ads in either or both languages. Our team of content writers is made of French and Americans so content is perfect, every time.