About CNG Digital Marketing | Discover our Amazing Team
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Dedicated. Inspired. Passionate.
Experienced. Creative. Professional.
And we drink lots of coffee!


Comprehensive digital marketing strategies that put your business on the e-map and grow your visibility, reputation and revenue. Don't settle for bits and pieces, treat yourself to the whole package.


A team of professionals who bring experience, passion and relentless energy to our clients' projects. Each of you is unique, each of you deserves the best from us. Your business becomes our business.


We offer customized strategies to help you reach your business goals. You can expect dedication and uncompromising commitment. If you succeed, we succeed.




Clement Connor

Paris-born, co-founder Clement recognizes having one passion: to help businesses thrive and grow. A natural entrepreneur, his energy to devise successful digital strategies is fueled by a love for adventure and extreme sports.

Giovanni Letellier

Meet Gio - geek marketer for a decade. His goal is to fuel B2B revenue growth with Artificial Intelligence, extending his days with mugs of coffee. He loves spending time with his family, or obsessively playing Rubik's cube like a self-respecting math genius would.


Zoe Vega
Digital Director

A highly absorbent sponge of all things Marketing and craving organization. When she isn't dreaming about engagement rates, Zoe uses her creativity in media like music & watercolor. She also enjoys cuddling with animals.

Emma Astroth
Inbound Director

With over 20 years of experience, Emma is a black belt in Marketing, crafting smart strategies for businesses. She'll confess she doesn't care about you, but your customers. Also puzzler, DIYer, cook and fan of knock knock jokes.

Leo Hout
Account Manager

Currently pursuing his studies in E Business and Marketing, Leo is passionate about working on all digital aspects of a strategy from content to social media and design. He spends his free time playing soccer and traveling.

Jackie Rodriguez
Marketing Intern

Jackie is a content marketing intern who is finishing up her undergraduate studies at SDSU. In addition to marketing and all its components, her interests include watercolor painting, ink drawing, and petting dogs.

Julian Sena
Marketing Intern

Presently pursuing his studies in Marketing, Julian has bridged the gap between design and social media. He's a believer that powerful designs begin with strong visuals. When not working, he enjoys dance choreography.


Bob Painter
Web Developer

With 15+ years experience as an artist, designer and web developer, Bob loves creating art for others to enjoy. In his free time, he enjoys video games and spending time outdoors with his family in the beautiful San Diego weather.

Thomas John
Web Developer Intern

Thomas is a brilliant, self-taught & passionate Web Developer. He loves creating optimized yet creative websites and is known to have several teenage crushes on WordPress elements. He enjoys surfing in real life & online.